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Artforum, Summer 2016 Issue

Co-Editor of Lost & Found (Fall 2016)

Ongoing: Editor-at-Large of Critical Correspondence

Forthcoming: “I set out in the morning”, (2016), MoMA Dance Series


The POSTDANCE Dialogues , edited in collaboration with Biba Bell

The Herko Dialogues,  edited in collaboration with Biba Bell & Josh Lubin-Levy

Conversation with Glenn Lowry, On Value, ed. Ralph Lemon & Triple Canopy

Conversation with Thomas Lax, Danse: A Catalogue, ed. Noemie Solomon

Dog YearsTriple Canopy

“Leap of Fake, or The Dancing Priest”, Scores 4, Tanzquartier Wien

“The Protagonists”, essay, Danspace Project Platform: Parallels Catalogue

“Coining”, essay, Danspace Project Platform: Parallels Catalogue