List of Works


The Planet-Eaters: Seconds :

a reprise of a duet between dancer and musician, exploring Balkan folklore as an intimate exchange of rhythm. they become amateur and other through the performance of what are called “ethnic” dances and music

I make me [sic]:

a solo in movement, noise, voice and speech, mashing up and re-enacting material from a life of performing, re-configured as a porous, unfinished alphabet

A Marvelous Order, an opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs:

a portrait of two great, opposed city planners and the shifting landscape of NYC in the 20th century. animation and direction: Josh Frankel, music: Judd Greenstein, libretto: Tracy K. Smith, choreography: Will Rawls


Personal Effects:

a solo of movement scores accompanied by vocalizations. a prismatic, unstable body reverberating off of the room, making subjectivity sing, collapse and reform. a concrete poem of flesh and voice.

Settlement House:

a choreographed history of a 100 year old, immigrant community center. 9 performers migrate through the site, from amphitheater to stage to gallery, impersonating and conjuring history through dance, song and scuplture

#loveyoumeanit, (with Kaitlyn Gilliland):

a script made from 7 months of text messages between two strangers about dance, intimacy, agency, failure and infographics. seduction and role play at a close distance.


The Planet-Eaters:

a duet for dancer and musician that uses rhythm as a connective tissue between movement, sound, song and pageantry.

Decline with Regrets: A Revival

a solo performance responding to Now Dig This!, art and black Los Angeles, a traveling exibition about black artistic practice based in LA in the 1970s


A folk tale, or some thoughts on dancing in the dark:

a lecture and dance in the dark, recounting the experience of living in a foreign city, inside of a live art work for 100 days

Dog Three, [as Dance Gang, with Kennis Hawkins]:

part 3 of 3—(exhibition)—collaborative staged interventions in and around the visual art works of dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel, Germany. Dance Gang occupied these works as stages but ended up filming 3 videos far away from the artworks themselves: a song, a dance and a dinner


a solo performance with 8 cutouts of German shepherds used as sculpture, performers and mobile symbols of violence, fantasy and animality



a sonic movement trio, exploring the history of numbers and counting, the work hangs at the intersection of language, improvisation and ritual


Dog Breaks, [as Dance Gang, with Kennis Hawkins]:

part 2 of 3—(stage)—collaborative performance of cover songs from a wide range of music, Dance Gang performs as the Lead Singers, their own trashy back up band, exploring the intimacy of anonymity

Dog Free, [as Dance Gang, with Kennis Hawkins]:

part 1 of 3—(public space)—collaborative performance on the 71st street Basketball Courts in Manhattan. in wigs and bball shorts, Dance Gang occupies and weirds space alongside intramural athletes, a temporary spectacle lit by the setting sun